PARtake: The Journal of Performance as Research: Announcements <p><em>PARtake</em>&nbsp;is dedicated to exploring the theory and application of performance in practice, and the research outputs created through these processes. Performance-as-Research is, for us, an investigation into the material, epistemological, and ontological fundamentals of all forms of performance, intended or otherwise. We seek work created and critiqued from the “scholartist”<a id="footnote_1_ref" title="See footnote" href="">[1]</a>&nbsp;perspective.&nbsp;</p> <hr> <p><a id="footnote_1" title="Return to text" href="">[1]</a>&nbsp;We use the term “scholartist” in the spirit of Dr. Joseph Shahadi, Mila Aponte-Gonzalez and Dr. Amma Ghartey Tagoe-Kootin and other scholar-artists who first introduced and developed the term as part of the NYU program in performance studies in the mid-2000s.</p> en-US CFP: Books For Review <p><strong>We are currently seeking reviewers for the following new works, although we are also open to your reviews of other academic works published in the past two years.</strong></p> <p>Radical Doubt: The Joker System, after Boal by Mady Schutzman</p> <p>Staging Process: The Aesthetic Politics of Collective Performance by Rachel Anderson-Rabern</p> <p>Blue Sky Body: Thresholds for Embodied Research by Ben Spatz</p> <p>Teaching Post-Dramatic Theatre: Anxieties, Aporias, and Disclosures by Glenn D'Cruz</p> <p>Beyond Text: Learning Through Arts-Based Research, edited by Jeff Adams and Allen Owens</p> <p>Audience as Performer: The Changing Role of Theatre Audiences in the Twenty-First Century by Caroline Heim</p> <p>Performed Ethnography and Communication: Improvisation and Embodied Experience by D. Soyini Madison</p> <p>Applied Improvisation: Leading, Collaborating, and Creating Beyond the Theatre, edited by Theresa Robbins Dudeck and Caitlin McClure</p> <p>Applied Theatre: Working With Youth, edited by Lisa Brenner, CHris Ceraso, and Evelyn Diaz Cruz</p> <p>Theory and Methods for Public Pedagogy Research, by Karen Charman and Mary Dixon</p> <p>Using Art as Research in Learning and Teaching: Multidisciplinary Approaches Across the Arts, edited by Ross W. Prior</p> <p>Redefining Theatre Communities: International Perspectives on Community-Conscious Theatre-Making, edited by Marco Galea and Szabolcs Musca</p> <p>Drama-Based Pedagogy: Activating Learning Across the Curriculum by Katie Dawson and Bridget Kiger Lee</p> <p>Syrian Refugees, Applied Theatre, Workshop Facilitation, and Stories, by Fadi Skeiker</p> <p>The Routledge Companion to Applied Theatre, Vols 1 &amp; 2, by Tim Prentki, Ananda Breed</p> <p>Participatory Theatre and the Urban Everyday in South Africa, by Alexandra Halligey</p> <p>Tandem Dances: Choreographing Immersive Performance by Julia M. Ritter</p> <p>Theatre and Performance in the Neoliberal University: Responses to an Academy in Crisis, edited by Kim Solga</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> PARtake: The Journal of Performance as Research 2021-01-26