What To Perform When You're Expecting

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Ricardo, E. (2022). What To Perform When You’re Expecting: Pregnancy in the Rehearsal Room and the Academy. PARtake: The Journal of Performance As Research, 5(1). https://doi.org/10.33011/partake.v5i1.1151


This article reflects on two pregnancies spent in the rehearsal room and the academy. I reflect on my experiences in order to explore the institutional pressures and limitations placed on pregnant women and the ideological underpinnings of those pressures. It serves in part as a confessional and in part as an attempt to provoke conversations about the treatment of pregnant bodies in the theater. By folding together my own reflections on the ways I performed pregnancy and the ways I performed while pregnant with research from the social sciences on the ways in which institutions frame pregnancy as an illness, I hope to suggest possibilities toward reframing some of the discourse around pregnancy in the rehearsal room and the academy. 

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