Book Review: 'Shakespeare and Gender in Practice' by Terri Power


book review, theatre and performance studies, shakespeare, gender studies

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Busselle, K. (2019). Book Review: ’Shakespeare and Gender in Practice’ by Terri Power. PARtake: The Journal of Performance As Research, 2(2).


Shakespeare and Gender in Practice, the third volume in the Shakespeare {in} Practice series, is a theoretical and practical exploration of gender performance through Shakespeare’s works on stage. This volume implements intersectional feminist and queer theories, historical documentation, interviews, and workshop exercises to demonstrate the depth of Shakespearean gender performance. Power’s goal for this volume is to offer new ideas of gender performance using an intersectional feminist framework while simultaneously deconstructing preconceived notions of traditional Shakespearean performance. Power also sheds new light on possibilities of casting Shakespearean work and provides inspiration for feminist scholars, directors, students, and working actors who wish to explore gender in practice.