Performance Review: Coronavirus Time Capsule Project


young people
virtual performance

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Glarin, A. (2021). Performance Review: Coronavirus Time Capsule Project: Virtual Voices of Young People . PARtake: The Journal of Performance As Research, 4(1).


The Coronavirus Time Capsule features the voices and experiences of over 3,000 teenagers from all over the world. Through weekly themes young people from youth theaters and youth organisations film themselves and their lives, documenting the trials and tribulations of life in lockdown. All material is edited and presented on Company Three’s website, alongside a Best Bits compilation video. This review considers the context in which this piece of performance art was created; during a global pandemic in which the voices of young people are rarely heard. As the title of the project suggests, its aim was to create a way, i.e., a time capsule, for teenagers to record and remind themselves about how and what they felt during the pandemic in years to come. However, this review argues the potential wider impact a virtual project of this scale can have and what we as theater-makers can learn from it.